PHOTO-REPORTAGE by Sophie Pascal

Here it was one beautiful, very hot day in July in Montreal. A real scorcher, clocking in at 35 degrees, 46 with the Humidex rating… Perfect opportunity to take in a two-hour cruise along the St. Lawrence River — or majestic Fleuve Saint-Laurent, in local Quebec terms — on the gorgeous Belvü catamaran, capacty 300…

Boarding call was at 6:30 at the Old Port, and we were set to leave at 7. There was a big group on board already, median age hovering around 30 something, mostly employees of an auto leasing company. This cruise was a bonus for high-level performers and winners in the customer appreciation category. Those on the boat with special bracelets got their drinks and food paid for by the company. Nice… The various sweet canapés, cheese dumplings, and vegetable dips served in trendy mini dishes kept coming while the empties were quickly wisked away before they could get swiped by a wind gust.

The DJ inside pumped out a lively discothèque ambiance and soon people were dancing everywhere on deck. I mostly gawked at the horizon, taking in a full frontal breeze and basking in the golden shimmer of the setting sun on the way back in to port. I had the best spot in the house for this, right up at the bow.

Check out the cloud and sunset scenery that we were privy to. I couldn’t help capturing loads of these images, just too spectacular to pass up, especially since the cloudscape that was gorged with density and moisture brought on an electrical storm just as we docked at 9 pm! A very special evening indeed.

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